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The house, or any place for that matter, needs light. Without light, the place will be very dull to look at, and certainly difficult to read in. Light obviously plays an important role in our day to day life. So light is the one which brings brightness into the room which is dark. Now, we will discuss that gives brightness to a place in the form of the plug in wall lamp.




The plug in wall lamp is the one which is a new way to bring brightness to the room. Using tube lights and standard bulbs has become out of the trend now. Instead people have shifted to plug in wall lamps to bring brightness to the room, and also it looks very different and unique.


 plug in lamp

plug in wall lamp 

plug in lamps 

The plug in wall lamp has a variety of models that can be mounted to the wall by using a kind of hard wire to the electricity source. These lamps can be fixed near the dressing table, in a hallway, in the kitchen, or really anywhere in the house.  

The lamp can be of any color as per the wall shade and the lamp color can also coincide with the color of the other decor. The plug in wall lamp can be suspended even from the ceiling, a.k.a a plug in hanging lamp, and then it can be powered by the wall plug. 

The lamps which make use of the cords and the wires along with the extended arms can be used in the bed room. This gives a different atmosphere to the room at the same time it gives brightness also. Plug in wall lamps can give a splendid look to the entire room in which its placed.


plug in wall lamp 

 plug in wall lamps

 plug in wall lights


Plug in Wall Lights

There are many different styles and sizes of the plug in wall lamp and lighting, including even outdoor wall lights, or wall sconce lights. The different shapes and the sizes are available help us in decorating the room with brightness and flexibility.

The shapes of the plug in lights can be oval, curved at the top or at the bottom, square, spherical, polygon or anything else. There are even lamps which don’t have a specific shape. The size is very important, because when you fix the plug in wall lamp, make sure that the lamp will go along with the wall.  


wall lamps                wall lamp


If the wall is big enough, then you can choose a bigger size of the wall lighting, whereas, if the wall is small then choosing a bigger size will not look good. It will spoil the entire look of the room. 

The shades of the lamp should be selected according to the color of the wall and other decorations in the room. The wall color and the lamp color should complement each other, some people like pleasant color shades and a few like the contrast color shades.  




Make sure that the plug in wall lamp adds brightness to your room and let it be a good start to new decorations in your room, or a complement to the existing décor.


wall lamp               wall lamps

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